Beef – Starter Blocks

SweetPro Starter Blocks
Net wt 102 kg

Starter is a recommended product for Beef, Dairy and Goat.

100 to 200 kg calves
Fortified protein supplement for starting lighter calves and receiving cattle.

SweetPro® offers two calf blocks – Starter™ and Cattle Kandi™ – which are designed for essential fortification of starting calves and receiving cattle requirements for vitamins A, D & E plus protein, calcium, phosphorus and trace elements including selenium.

Daily intake will vary depending on forage quality and nutritional needs. Expected range of consumption is from .22 to .68 kg per head per day. Forage digestion is supported and no additional grain is needed.

A great energy and protein source, weight gain may see an additional .22 to .34 kg per day. A “growth gain” that builds frame, not fat. SweetPro calf blocks are convenient to feed with less waste and labour.

CAUTION: Contains 600 ppm copper • DO NOT FEED TO SHEEP • Do not use in association with another feed containing supplemental selenium.