Beef – Pasture Ranger Blocks

SweetPro Pasture Ranger™ Blocks
Net wt 114 kg

Pasture Ranger is a recommended
product for Beef and Dairy.

SweetPro Pasture Ranger, is designed for essential fortification of stocker cattle on bloat prone wheat pasture and alfalfa.

SweetPro Feeds draws on its many years of fermentation experience to take a bold step toward creating a block for cattle on bloat-prone wheat and alfalfa pasture. There are many parallels between what happens in a steel tank during fermentation of feed grains and in cattle as “four-legged fermentation tanks.” Excess high-surface-tension foam in a steel tank creates a spill-over mess, but in cattle it can kill. It has to be counteracted with anti-foam strategies which revolve around vegetable oil and proteolytic enzymes. Now similar techniques are being employed in SweetPro’s wheat and alfalfa Pasture Ranger block.

Researchers have long recognised the benefits of added vegetable oil and recommend it for bloat prevention. However, they also note the difficulty of getting consistent daily ingestion of enough oil. SweetPro’s Pasture Ranger includes high vegetable oil content, which is dispensed evenly and daily. SweetPro’s blocks also help in other important ways:

• Slows feed digestion passage rates to limit bloat.

• High calcium counteracts “dead rumen” syndrome where normal rumen contractions are hindered or cease.

These features work toward helping cattle on wheat and alfalfa pasture to combat bloat.

Macro minerals: The calcium-phosphorus ratio is 2:1. This counters the calcium deficiency common in wheat pasture and helps rumen function. High magnesium and no added potassium helps support resistance to tetany.

Complex carbohydrate energy: Complements low-fibre high-moisture wheat grass.

Protein: Wheat pasture’s abundant protein is primarily “Degradable Intake Protein” (DIP). SweetPro Pasture Ranger blocks are high in “Undergradable Intake Protein” (UIP) – “by-pass protein” for framing up stocker cattle.

Vitamins: Excellent A, D and E levels for good health.

ProBiotein Adds an Extra Measure: ProBiotein is SweetPro’s “Blend Additive.” It’s not just a single beneficial additive but a strategic blend working together to support performance. It includes:

• Protein concentrates – from wheat, oats, barley malt, flax and yeast. This broadens the amino acid balance.

• An oligosaccharide – these are often called “prebiotics” because they feed beneficial bacteria. In so doing, the beneficial bacteria flourish and contribute to the “competitive exclusion” of pathogenic bacteria which can cause sickness.

• Organic complexed trace minerals – copper, manganese and zinc are provided in this form for maximum bio-availability. It helps meet requirements for vitamins A, D and E, macro minerals and trace minerals. Expected range of consumption is from .22 to .68 kg per head per day.

SweetPro features fermentation feed ingredients, rich in yeast, quality protein and organic trace minerals to boost profits through supported feed-efficiency, labour-savings and health support.

After adaptation period of one to two weeks, consumption will typically range from .22 to .68 kg per head per day.

CAUTION: Contains 600 ppm copper • DO NOT FEED TO SHEEP • Do not use in association with another feed containing supplemental selenium.