What are the advantages of SweetPro® blocks over traditional lick blocks?


SweetPro products feature fermented distillers feeds. Condensed distillers solubles (CDS) are used instead of molasses. CDS have similar binding and aroma benefits, but they are much higher in protein and fat than molasses. And they have NO sugar content to negatively affect the rumen and drive down pH.

Condensed distillers solubles are noted for their protein quality and complex carbohydrate energy values.

All the vitamins, minerals, and digestive minerals are delivered in our patented solid carrier of distillers grains and solubles with high bio-availability. Consumption is targeted to .34 to .56 kg per head/per day.

Digestive support from SweetPro’s unique blend of yeast, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals helps maintain animal health and reduces costs because feed is digested more efficiently.


Protein in SweetPro® blocks is from safe sources.

SweetPro 16, Cattle Kandi, Starter, Pasture Ranger, PowerMate and Fresh Start blocks contain only natural protein.

FiberMate, Magnum and Dry Cow blocks have a mix of mostly natural protein along with ammonium sulfate and biuret which have a slow nitrogen release. NO urea is used.

Protein in SweetPro has a high “rumen by-pass” value. Cows produce more milk for demanding “growthy” calves, while the calves themselves get better protein for frame development by licking the blocks alongside the cow.


The energy in SweetPro is from complex carbohydrates, not simple sugar. These complex carbohydrates help minimise digestive disruption while high fat levels additionally boost energy.

Yeast from fermentation also aid in digestion and feed efficiency.

  • University trials show that SweetPro supports excellent feed efficiency –
    unparalleled among lick blocks.
  • Healthy animals net back more profit.
  • When animals get proper nutrients in the right form, vaccines work better too.
  • With SweetPro, keeping animals healthy has never been easier.

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