Dairy Health

SweetPro products feature fermentation feed ingredients, rich in vitamins, minerals and protein. Our patented products help boost your profits by supporting feed efficencies, labour savings and animal health.

Here’s how:

1. SweetPro blocks use Condensed Distillers Solubles with much higher protein and nearly 10 times the fat as molasses, plus enhanced aroma and palatability.

2. Supported overall digestion and excellent feed efficiency with SweetPro’s fermentation feed ingredients, rich in yeasts and volatile organic acids that support rumen fermentation.

3. Energy in SweetPro blocks comes from complex carbohydrates instead of the simple sugars of molasses, for supported resistance to digestive disruption.

4. The safe protein sources of SweetPro blocks include high rumen by-pass ingredients to give calves and cattle an extra boost.

5. SweetPro blocks are fortified with Vitamins A, D and E, and a balanced blend of chelated trace minerals, to supplement lower quality hay, straw and stover.

Labour Savings SweetPro® is high tech nutrition dispensed by a simple, convenient lick block. Blocks are only placed out every week to ten days, saving labour and fuel costs. This also eliminates the waste of cubes fed on the ground, where stomping and overconsumption by “boss” cattle often prevent others from consuming their daily required amount.

No Negative Associative Effect (NAE). Energy is from complex carbohydrates, not simple sugar, so it supports minimal digestive disruption from digestion of starch (NAE) on the microbial populations which digest fibre in the rumen, keeping rumen pH high for health support.

Lick Blocks for Every Stage of Growth

Stage of Growth SweetPro 16

Stage of Growth Blocks

Starter –
114 to 204 kg – Light calves and receiving cattle (beef and dairy calves)

Cattle Kandi –
204 to 294 kg – Heavier calves, receiving cattle, starting stockers on grass

SweetPro 16 –
294 to 453 kg – First calf heifers, stockers on grass, purebred operations

FiberMate 18 –
408 to 635 kg – For average forage conditions, cows in stalks and stubble

FiberMate 20 –
453 to 657 kg – For low consumption and tough forage conditions

Specialty Blocks

Mineral EX –
Mineral block with EXtra punch from organic complexed trace minerals