Sheep Block

Sheep. An all natural vitamin, mineral and protein supplement for sheep..


For horses. A free choice supplement lick block.


For horses. A top-dress supplement added to feed.

Pasture Ranger

Beef and dairy. For stocker cattle and brood cows on bloat prone wheat pasture and alfalfa.

FiberMate 20

Beef, dairy and goats. For low consumption and tough forage conditions.

FiberMate 18

Beef, dairy and goats. For average forage conditions, cows in stalks and stubble, goats.

SweetPro 16

Beef, dairy and goats. All natural protein supplement for first calf heifers, brood cows, stocker cattle and goats.

Cattle Kandi

Beef and dairy. 204 to 294 kg, heavier calves, receiving cattle and for starting stockers on grass.


Beef and dairy. 114 to 204 kg, light calves and receiving cattle.